6 Reasons to Visit Lake Garda This Summer

This year we’re back in our favourite place. Lake Garda! Working on a campsite in Peschiera, we’re in the perfect position to explore the area. I could talk about why you should visit Lake Garda all day but for now, here are just 6 reasons to book a trip this summer! If you’re a fan of slow travel and want to live like a local then you can see what we do for work here.

So here we go, 6 reasons as promised!

1. Theme parks!

Not only is Lake Garda home to Italy’s largest theme park, Gardaland, but it also has an impressive collection of other attractions. Including Caneva, Movieland, Cavour, medieval times, Rock Star restaurant and Night Festival.


Gardaland has something to offer everyone! From the terrifying drop of oblivion for the thrill seekers to the colourful Magic Kingdom and Peppa Pig land for the little ones. If you aren’t keen on rides, you can still find plenty to fill your day. Head to the ‘Palamagic’ circus tent, ‘Teatro della Fantasia’ or Gardaland theatre for shows throughout the day. Several other shows are dotted around the site, bringing the themed areas to life. Become a treasure-seeking pirate, Indiana Jones your way through a volcano or head into the artic and ride with Mammoths. Anything is possible in Gardaland!

Gardaland on Lake Garda. View of Rollercoasters


Movieland is full of props to pose with and stunt shows to be in awe of! As well as watching the action, you can be a part of it too! Whether it’s off-roading, speeding across the water in a jet or heading under it in a submarine – you can be the star of the show.

Tomb Raider props in Movieland, Lake Garda

Caneva Aquapark

Connected with movieland, this waterpark has everything you need to cool down when the Italian summer-heat hits. Vertical drop slides, lazy rivers, and Hawaiian beaches. All the usual water park favourites and much much more.

2. The Castles!

What I really wanted to say, was ‘the history’. However, that’s because I’m a total history nerd! There is so much evidence of the past here, it feels like time travelling. However, I know not everyone is as, ahem, cool, as I am. So, I went with castles! Whether it’s for the history, the atmosphere or the instaperfect photos, everyone loves a castle, right?! With around 20 castles and various fortified towns, you’re never far from a fairytale experience. Personal favourites are Sirmione and Malcesine.

Walking across the bridge into Sirmione castle

3. Nature & scenery

One thing you can’t deny about Lake Garda is that it is absolutely beautiful. beautiful, beautiful, stunning, beautiful.

*gentle sigh and gazes out the window…*

What can I say – I love the place. Just look in any direction and you’ll be oohing and ahhing. The mountains are as breathtaking as the views from the top. The sunsets are guaranteed to have you smiling to yourself (although that could also be caused by the €3 spritz) and the pastel-painted towns will have you snapping photos like, well, like me! See for yourself…

Looking out at Lake Garda from Sirmione Roman ruins

View of orange rooftops in Malcesine, Lake Garda

Walking along Lake Garda between Pescheira and Lazise

4. Aperitivo*

*The popular tradition of pre-dinner drinks to encourage your appetite (Or skip it altogether if it goes on too long!)

Most popular Aperitif around Lake Garda, and most of Northern Italy is Aperol spritz. A bitter and surprisingly strong concoction of Aperol, prosecco and soda. Looks a lot like Irn bru served in goldfish bowl-sized wine glasses. Usually served with crisps, olives and often other breads, meats, cheeses or bruschetta. Any time after 12 midday is acceptable, and some places even serve a free buffet with the purchase of drinks in the evening (usually around 7pm as the italians have dinner much later than the Brits). Main Square in Verona is a great place for this!

Aperol Spritz in Lake Garda!

5. The colours

Everywhere is filled with pastel buildings and pretty flowers. The locals take incredible care of their towns. I’ve even seen them pulling out flowers to replace them with new before they’ve finished flowering! The result is that you never see so much as a wilted flower! – While I’m not sure it’s ideal to rip up perfectly good plants, it does mean it is continuously clean and colourful. Wisteria climbing stone shop fronts, Jasmine growing up restaurant pergolas and flower-box lined bridges. Beautiful.

Jasmine hedges in Lake Garda

Where the Mincio river meets Lake Garda in Peschiera

colourful town of Borghetto from the other side of the Mincio river

You can read more about the colourful town of Borghetto (above) here.

6. Location

Lake Garda is the perfect destination for a holiday, and you can’t really go wrong, wherever you are on the lake. But if you didn’t already have a million things to see & do, it is also within day-trip distance to several other amazing destinations. Venice, Milan, and Verona can all be reached easily by car or public transport. You can even visit the Dolomite mountains. What more could you want, right??


So there you have it, just 6 of many reasons, to visit Lake Garda. Head over to Instagram or Facebook to see more and tell me what you think. If you have visited Garda, I would love to hear your recommendations!! Don’t forget to pin this post for later too!

keep wondering, Tiff. Curiosity frees signature
keep wondering, Tiff. Curiosity frees signature