My Story

Hey, I’m Tiff!

Travel enthusiast, nature lover, magic believer, optimist and daydreamer.

Oh, and btw, Curiosity is kind of my superpower! 🦸🏼‍♀️

Like most people, I had some turbulent teen years. So, it’s no surprise, that when I turned 18 I wanted ‘out’. For some, that means getting into uni on the other side of the country & living in a run-down old house with a bunch of equally angsty teens. But, for me, it meant going to clean toilets in the middle of no-where in northern France… & sharing a campsite with a bunch of equally angsty teens… yes, really! Surprisingly, I stuck it out, worked my way up & spent the following years travelling for work & working for travel (& I can still make any bathroom sparkle!) 🧼

After years of living and working abroad, I started to fall out of love with the job I once adored. I lost my child-like curiosity and became serious, frustrated and exhausted 💔

In the summer of 2018, I was feeling more anxious than ever, no longer interested in the things that once brought me joy, avoiding social situations and feeling stressed to the point of becoming ill. My boyfriend, Lee, agreed. It was time for a change.

The big change

I told my boss I would not be continuing the following season and suddenly a weight was lifted! I knew instantly it was the right thing, but it meant having no plans, no jobs and nowhere to live… So what next!? 😳

Winter in the UK was dark and cold, filled with uncertainty, anxiety, eating meal deals in the car and crying in dingy hotel rooms.

As I reached breaking point, I was offered a position skype interviewing from home and moved in with a friend that lived close to Lee’s family. I realised that I loved working from home and I finally started to create a routine… but it wouldn’t last…

As I tried to work out what came next, I realised that I had lost my passion for learning and creating and needed to design a new life that inspired me. I wanted to learn something new, earn a living and still have time to travel. So there I was, 27 and applying for university! 📚

While I started to get my ducks in a row, at last, Lee was still looking for work. We realised that the stresses of the last year had taken their toll and anxiety was at an all-time high. We missed having our own space and we wanted time to ourselves again to just stop and think before moving forward. After all, uni would not start for months, we still needed a place to live and my work contract was due to end soon.

So we decided on one more summer away! We headed back to where we first met, Lake Garda and spent a perfect summer of living in a tent, chatting to tourists, drinking spritz and exploring with only ourselves to think about 🛩 🇮🇹

I reclaimed my confidence and creativity and wrote, painted and created more than I had done in years. My curiosity returned and I found everyday magic again in the sunsets and storms, the flowers that bloomed, the wildlife and the history of the lake. Finally, I could think clearly and follow my passions to create plans for the future

So here we are! Living in the beautiful North East of England, in our first ever brick house, I’m finally following my passions to build my own online businesses and helping others do the same while studying at Durham University 👩🏼‍💻

Now I want to help you to grow through adulthood without losing your child-like wonder and creativity. Inspiring you to follow your curiosity, build your dream life and be your most authentic self in order to live, work and travel with kindness and imagination! I will help you find your happy and discover everyday magic through storytelling, life-lesson sharing, artwork and ideas to make you think. For anyone that has ever felt uninspired, disconnected or different. Welcome back 💛

Still curious? Check out the website or treat yourself and start finding your happy

Merry Christmas sandman!


Since 2010, I’ve spent 3 winters in Thailand, lived in several parts of France and Italy and explored various other European countries in between. I’ve travelled solo, with friends, family, in a group and more often than not, with my Boyfriend & fellow adventuring Herbivore, Lee. I’m an almost-expert on the French Riviera and Lake Garda having lived there, on & off for 9 years!

Let’s connect! Find me on Instagram and Pinterest where I can help you find travel inspiration, discover your curiosity and start building your dream life!

keep wondering, Tiff. Curiosity frees signature