My Story


a strong desire to know or learn something.
“filled with curiosity, she peered through the window”

Hey there, I’m Tiff. Originally from the south coast of England, I began my camping career in 2010, and have been working in France and Italy since! Now I’m here to help you follow your curiosity and live and travel in Europe! From ideas on how to live a better life, travel essentials and how to eat vegan abroad – To surviving driving on the right, tent living and where to book your next trip! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook and share your story with me! I love hearing about how others travel and answering any questions you might have!

Life so far…

Like most people, I had some turbulent teen years. So, it’s no surprise, that when I turned 18 I wanted ‘out’. For some, that means getting into uni on the other side of the country & living in a run down old house with a bunch of equally angsty teens. But, for me, it meant going to clean toilets in the middle of no-where in northern France… & sharing a campsite with a bunch of equally angsty teens… yes, really! Surprisingly, I stuck it out, worked my way up & now I travel for work & work for travel (& I can make any bathroom sparkle!).

Since 2010, I’ve spent 3 winters in Thailand, lived in several parts of France and Italy and explored various other European countries in between. I’ve travelled Solo, with friends, family, in a group and more often than not, with my Boyfriend & fellow adventuring Herbivore, Lee.

Merry Christmas sandman!

What’s next?

I’m an almost-expert on the French Riviera having lived there, on & off for 7 years but last year decided it was time for a change!! Later this year, we will be sharing a new kind of adventure with you – Moving back to the UK! Until then, I will be posting updates from our current home, and one of our favourite places in the world – Lake Garda in Italy.

Still curious? Read my latest blog for some travel-inspiration and see what in the world I’m up to!

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