Kraków Salt Mines – Underground in Poland

There is salt in just about everything, whether naturally occurring or otherwise. You probably have a pot of salt on your dining table or kitchen side. It comes in different forms and colours and has been found useful for more than just flavouring our chips. But have you ever thought about where it comes from?

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When travel doesn’t go to plan

Ok, so we’ve all seen the insta-perfect travel pics, and don’t get me wrong – huge fan! However,  whether you use public transport for your daily commute, or you’ve negotiated all the world’s continents; you will know that travel is not always smooth. There are delays, cancellations and… good old human error. So in the

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Everything you need to know about Malpasset

In the South of France in the area of Fréjus, is the winding Reyran river & Malpasset Dam. This dam isn’t what you’re imagining though! There is no water here. The river is all dried up, & the dam is in ruins, it’s concrete pieces spread far & wide. What was once a solid wall

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