Gifts For Travel Lovers (with Next-Day Delivery!)

Wondering what to buy for your favourite travel lover? Need a last-minute stocking filler? A bon voyage gift for someone embarking on a big trip? Perhaps they aren’t your favourite at all, but you’re their secret Santa or the office team have landed you with the responsibility of finding a birthday gift for that guy you’ve barely spoken to?

I mean, their facebook profile picture is on some exotic-looking beach, so they must like to travel, right? Whatever has brought you here, stick around, because I’ve created a list of travel gifts containing my tried and tested favourites and a few extras that aren’t just another scratch map or travel journal!

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that any purchases made through these could pay me a small commission – at no extra cost to you!*

The Packing Cubes

Available on Prime and practical AF. I spent a long time seeing variations of these pop up in influencer posts and must-have travel guides and I resisted. Why? Who knows. I have nothing against baggage organisation and I’m certain that I’ve packed, unpacked, repacked, and indeed lived out of, more bags than most. So eventually I gave in and started looking for my very own packing cubes.

I took a while to choose while the super expensive versions nearly drew me in with their life-changing claims. Of course, then I saw the light and selected these instead (possibly down to them having tiny flamingos on, yes) I have to say, they are amazing.

I use them for overnight stays, long travel, road trips, festivals as well as living out of them for much of last summer! They wash well, fold small when not being used and survive being stuffed with too many socks (anyone else always budget more than a pair per day!?) The bags are waterproof enough to resist damp in tents and being caught in the rain, as well as keeping the wet in if you’ve got swimwear to carry home.

Basically, if you ever go anywhere, you’ll want these with you.

I mean, whoever you’re buying them for will want them… this is a gift guide, right!? They also come in other styles, minus the flamingos!

The Hanging Toiletries Bag (Prime)

Same as before and matching of course (other styles available!) This handy bags comes with a handy hook, so whether the travel lover in question prefers hotels to hostels or shared campsite shower blocks to resorts, they’re sorted! I even keep it hung in the bathroom when I’m home!

The Water Bottle

There are sooo many water bottles out there now, and I’m sure they are decent, however, Chillys I can vouch for. They keep your tea hot in the dead of winter and your water fresh and cold in the height of summer.

I literally left mine, in a 40-degree tent and the water stayed cold. I carry mine in a backpack, often with my uni notebooks and laptop and trust it completely not to leak. As well as being reliable they come in all sorts of fun colours and patterns to suit anyone (there are even flamingos!)

A little pricier than your average bottle, it’s an item we might not splurge on ourselves but secretly hope someone buys for us!

The Flexible Tripod (Prime)

One of the many perils of a solo traveller is the lack of photos with them in or the excessive amount of selfies. Anyone that says they don’t want to be photographed casually enjoying their surroundings while appearing blissfully unaware of the camera is probably lying. Not only does this solve the issue, but it is small, lightweight and bends easily. It can be wrapped around railings, hung from branches or balanced on brick walls. Suitable for basically any phone or camera.

Works well for couples that are sick of asking strangers, to then find their photos have only one of them in focus! Ideal for keen photographers that understand the importance of keeping their DSLR perfectly still. Click here for a classic style, extendable tripod, also with next day delivery.

The Camera Backpack (Prime)

Perhaps your traveller is a budding photographer, if so they may well have a DSLR (know those chunky professional-looking cameras?) If they, or you, have one of these, you probably know how much they cost.

The price of these cameras, as well as the memories stored on them, is why taking them travelling can be a nervewracking experience. What better way to carry them between scenic shots than in a waterproof and cushioned backpack?

My favourite part of this bag is the ‘draw’ feature. Instead of taking the whole thing off your back and digging around for your camera (by which time the moment has passed) you can simply swing it around on your shoulder, unzip and ease the camera out of the side! Genius.

It’s not the most stylish but its perfectly practical and comfy to wear for long periods in case of any photography treks. Oh, and that bendy tripod we talked about? You can clip it under the backpack and remove it easily when needed! The extendable version will also fit, but less inconspicuously.

The Wires Organiser (Prime)

Now I don’t actually have one of these, but I definitely want one for the next time we travel longer than a weekend. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea when we aren’t travelling. Lee is the only one that knows what all the wires in the house do (is it like some sort of male superpower!?) and I couldn’t even tell you where they are.

I suspect we aren’t the only ones and with the increasing number of gadgets available now for chatting, searching, preening, calling, trimming, brushing, projecting, gaming and who knows what else… A little organisation would help anyone!

The Funny Travel Stories (Prime)

Crazy stuff happens when you travel. You meet fascinating people, loose luggage, miss flights, attend strangers weddings, fall in love, make friends, drink too much, get lost and get sand in all of the places. 

People that travel like to share these stories, people that want to travel should probably know what they’re getting themselves into, honestly. Enter: The Funny Travel Stories. Miss-adventures: Backpacking around South America was the first book of this sort I read and made me laugh out loud. It made me both incredibly eager to visit South America and incredibly cautious at the same time. (I haven’t yet made it there, but it is still firmly on the list).

If your travel addict is a keen reader like me then I could go on forever, but here are a few to get you started.

If you or your giftee is a lover of literature but can’t find the space to pack their books then consider gifting e-books or signing up to audible for books you can keep with you wherever you go!

Reading takes far less battery and doesn’t need an internet connection so travellers can save money and energy on those long journeys!

The Card Games (Prime)

Whether you’re buying for someone that travels with family or likes to make friends with everyone they meet along the way, someones going to be bringing out a pack of cards at some point. While there’s nothing wrong with a game of snap or… whatever else it is that people play, there are more exiting options. Cards, as you may have guessed, are not my thing, but even I have enjoyed these!

BACKPACKER – The Ultimate Travel Game – Fun pocket-sized card game about travelling around the world

Asmodee Werewolves of Millers Hollow (even funnier after a few drinks and up to 18 players!)

Snake Oil Party Card Game – Hilarious Fun for the Whole Family – Convince others to buy your weird stuff!

The Sentimental Gift  (Prime – not next-day)

If your loved one is off on their travels or away from home a lot, gift them with a symbol of luck. Can be posted in a card or added to another gift. Place inside a new wallet, purse, hamper or gift box.

World travel adapter (Prime)

This one can either be incredibly useful or totally unnecessary, so be sure to check where they are off to, or have plans to travel to in the future before you buy! If they are only off to Europe, they may appreciate something more like this.

The Collapsible Storage (Prime)

Remember when I said that the pricey water bottle was the kind of thing you won’t buy yourself so hope someone else does? Well, this is kind of like that. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your audience, this will either leave them overjoyed or unimpressed so don’t take chances unless you can guarantee the giftees love of Tupperware.

Surely everyone loves boxes for food, right? I reckon they do, and these collapsible storage boxes are the best, especially handy for anyone that is self-catered, camping or hiking. (Any unappreciated gifts, send them my way!


The Booklight (Prime)

One of my favourite gifts and endlessly useful. Anyone sharing a room with the owner will be forever grateful for being able to sleep in darkness without cutting them off mid-chapter. Rechargeable and clips easily onto kindles or books.

The iPhone Dual Adapter (Prime)

One of the most irritating things about the most recent iPhones? The change in headphones. The connection is now the same as the charger, meaning you can only do one at a time. This is a pain for anyone that uses their phones a lot when travelling. Using headphones and wearing the battery down quickly with the increased use of music, podcasts, navigation, films and other apps. If they want to charge it, they have to stop listening or disturb the people around them. Unless of course, they have a dual adapter, in which case they can charge and listen to their heart’s content!

The Wireless Earbuds  (Prime)

Another solution for the shared charging port – wireless earbuds! Gone are the days of tangled wires stuffed in backpacks. For anyone with an apple phone and looking for the ‘real deal’ could be looking at upwards of £130. These, on the other hand, work just as well for the average listener (true techies and musicians may disagree!) and they are less than £30! Suitable for all smartphones, options available for next day delivery and they come with a case to store and charge them in.

So there you have it, some of my favourite practical travel items! I hope this helps and your travel addict loves their gifts! Unless otherwise stated, I will always recommend items that I have used or owned and loved! Not all links are an affiliate link, meaning that not every item purchased will earn me money. However, if you do purchase something via one of my links, it is likely that I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to yourself and I am endlessly grateful!

If you have any questions about these items, or anything else, then leave a comment or let me know on Facebook or Instagram! Oh, and don’t forget to pin this post for later!

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