14 reasons why Halloween is not just for kids!

So, is Halloween really just for kids? 

In short, no. Absolutely not. But of course that wouldn’t be much of a post now would it? So let me count the ways… 

  1. Pumpkin carving – I don’t care how old you are, pumpkin carving at Halloween will always be fun. There’s no reason why you can’t do it just because you’re nearing 30 and you don’t have any kids. Grab your girlfriends and a bottle of wine, or head to the supermarket with your partner and pick your pumpkins! If you really can’t be bothered with the mess (part of the fun if you ask me!) then grab yourself some peppers or a pineapple and get creating! Once you’re done then pop some candles inside and get them out on a doorstep or windowsill. And, of course, post them on Instagram! (And tag me!) masterpiece or not, we all want to see your creepy creations!
  2. Pumpkin cooking! Pumpkins can be used in so many delicious recipes and anything that involves eating can’t be just for kids, right? There’s so many possibilities, both sweet and savoury! So, even if you don’t think you like pumpkin, its time you gave them a second chance! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta, even just snacking on roasted pumpkin seeds! A great reason to get your wholesome home-baking self into action (I know she’s in there!) You can find lots of recipes on Pinterest like this chocolate chip pumpkin bread I plan on making this week!  
  3. Nostalgic films – if scary films is your thing then now is your time to dive into the most horrible movies you can find, buttt, if you’re a wuss like me; then it’s a great time to get nostalgic. Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Casper, Edward scissor hands, basically anything by Tim Burton! Go on, get cosy on the sofa, grab the popcorn and enjoy a blast from the past!
  4. Theme parks – So many theme parks have ‘fright nights’ or at least go all out on their decorations during the day. Thorpe Park has some genuinely terrifying mazes filled with very convincing zombie actors if you’re into to that sort of thing! Or perhaps you’re after something a little more lighthearted (and a lot more expensive!) In which case, Disney land is even more magical when its draped in webs and surrounded by pumpkins!Halloween at Disney
  5. Be celebrated for being “over the top” – any other time of the year you might get frowned at for wearing striped tights or spiders in your hair, but not today! Embrace it!
  6. Cool(er) makeup – It’s your chance to use that questionable colour pallet your great-auntie bought you for Christmas. Or grab your liquid liner and create some true art. Spiders dangling from the corner of your eyes? Black glitter? Anything goes!
  7. Spreading happiness one sweet packet at a time! –  Everyone loves the concept of trick or treating, no matter what age! Now, I don’t suggest you go without a child, unless you’ve got some friends that wouldn’t mind a visit, but make sure to be stocked up when the kids arrive, and if you’re wearing a mask or have a silly costume on when you open that door, you’re going to make their day! 
  8. Home makeover – if I had a house I think I would take Halloween decs as seriously as Christmas ones! I mean, there has to be a reason they sell black ‘christmas’ trees, right? 
  9. Inventive drinks – Cursed cocktails, blood shots and witches brews! Dust off those bottles of neon coloured sours or mix up your own creations. Anyone for a glass of Frankenstein’s punch?
  10. Excuse for a party – whether it’s dinner and drinks in turtle bay with darker makeup than usual and ripped fish-nets or a full-blown mummy outfit at a house party with a jack-o-lantern lit driveway and vodka-pumpkin punch, it’s a great excuse for a get-together!
  11. Embracing all things Potter! Let’s face it, most of us are secretly still hoping for a late admission to Hogwarts and what other day of the year can we pretend it’s arrived without someone questioning our maturity/sanity? Get your wands out! It’s time to show off all that merchandise you’ve been collecting! 
  12. Arts and crafts– I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s thing. But! You can’t say it’s not fun, even if you think you’re terrible. Besides, it’s Halloween! Terrible is good at this time of year! Invite some friends round, grab some drinks, order in pizza and starting creating! 
  13. Pets in costumes – tiny bat wings on kittens, pumpkin jumpers on pugs – the Internet is full of them. So if you need a dose of cuteness and you don’t have a pet (or they don’t like dress up) then google Vampire kitten and you won’t be disappointed!
  14. The world feels a bit more magical – when the shops are full of paper bats and there’s people wandering the streets in witches hats, you can’t help but feel the magic! It’s infectious and you’ll find yourself wanting to join in no time! 

So there you have it. Halloween is absolutely for all ages. So don’t be grumpy and complain about it being “just an American thing” or “another excuse to spend money” because, like anything, it’s what you make of it. Let it bring out your inner kid, use your imagination and whether you stay in for a night in front of the telly or end up throwing up out of a taxi on your way home from town at 3am; embrace the magic and do something cool to mark this day. 

If you’re wondering what Halloween is truly all about then keep an eye out for my post on its origins, or if you’re considering a few days away and then check out our Halloween travel traditions and see where we recommend!