Weekly Wonders – Change, Constellations and an Unusual Lunch

Hey there, curious one! Welcome to the third post in the Weekly Wonders series! If you didn’t catch the last one, you can find it here. Every Sunday, I will be posting a new blog post full of the things that sparked my curiosity that week. My hope is that by sharing what has made me wonder or think ‘WOW” you will be inspired to follow your own curiosity! Think of yourself as Alice and this weekly blog as your very own white rabbit, leading you to wonderland. So grab yourself a drink, get cosy and get ready to be inspired for your week ahead!

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Out and About in The North East

Watergate Park

Wednesday was spent walking. We headed to Watergate forest park in Gateshead which was a new place to explore for me. Our nieces loved it with lots of places to climb, run and bridges to cross. We saw families of swans and ducks, crossed over streams and the kids got to play on some makeshift tree swings! Like many of the parks and wildlife or walking trails in the North East, the area was once used for mining. It’s history dates right the way back to the 1200s and you can still see and use the steps and pathways that miners used to get down to the pits. If you’re curious about the history of the area, I found some great information here.

Watergate forest park in Gateshead Watergate forest park in Gateshead

Hotspot Fire Engine Bar at South Causey Inn

What was that weather about on Friday!? Amazing! Like most, we wanted to make the most of it while still avoiding the crowds, so we headed out for lunch at South Causey Inn. They have so much to offer that it will take us a few more visits to experience it all! This time we decided on the outside bar which is a converted fire engine. It is a first-come, first-serve basis, whereas booking is advised with the indoor restaurant and the new ‘pods’. It was a lovely, unique experience and we will definitely be heading back in the near future (I’ve got my eye on those afternoon teas!)

Nearby is the Causey Arch, another great walk through the North East’s history. You can read more about it in the first post of the Weekly Wonders series.

Hotspot fire engine bar at South Causey Inn Hotspot fire engine bar at South Causey Inn Stottie lunch Drinks at South Causey Inn Fire Engine


This week I’ve had a few days of just feeling a bit ‘meh’ so my sofa time has definitely increased! I have binge-watched Love on the Spectrum which was just a joy to watch, with some really emotional moments. With my love of storytelling, shows like this are a favourite, seeing into the lives and stories of real people. I also love to watch programs that highlight the successes and challenges of people who are not ‘like me’. It’s the least we can do to broaden our minds and try to see the world from various points of view. So we can be our best selves when encountering differences in our own lives.


Last week, I mentioned I was reading The Scarlet Code, which I haven’t finished yet. Part of the book is set within the walls of The Louvre in Paris. I was curious to sort fact from fiction so did a little research! It was originally a fortress in 1190, then in the 16th century, was changed to a create something more suitable as a palace. In 1682 King Louis XIV moved to Versailles and so began The Louvre’s transformation from royal residence to art gallery and museum.

I hadn’t released the 800 years it took to create what we see today or the sheer size of it! Although I have been, I’ve only seen it from the outside. I did use the toilets once – fanciest public toilet experience ever. possibly most expensive too, not every day you get great works of art printed on your loo roll! Anyway, I came across this short video, but there is much more to discover!



You may have seen (if you follow Curiosity Frees or Curiosity Creates) that I have been working on some new products to add to the shop! Curiosity Creates is all about mother nature and the magical symbolism of her plants and creatures, as well as the skies above. In my research, I have been discovering the constellations. Many patterns have been found in our night skies and represented by stories and animals. One of my current favourites is the ‘little fox’ or Vulpecula. Below is a little sneak peek of what is to come and if you’re interested in the stars, the Night Sky app is the perfect place to start!

Curiosity Creates Shop designs and products

What do you think?

So that’s it for now! I hope you found something to spark your curiosity! I’d love to know what you think of the Weekly Wonders series! Let me know whats sparked your curiosity this week and where it has taken you! Head over to Instagram or Facebook and let’s connect! Use the tag #findmycurious on Instagram to show where your curiosity has taken you and inspire others! Have you discovered a new nature walk? Read a book on a hot topic or discovered a fascinating new idea, story or person? The curiosity frees community wants to hear from you!

Don’t forget to check out the about section for more info about curiosity frees and curiosity creates! Hope to see you back here next Sunday!