Weekly Wonders – Clearing Out and Creating New…

Hey there, curious one! Welcome to post six in the Weekly Wonders series! If you didn’t catch the last one, you can find it here. Every Monday (previously Sunday), I share a new blog post full of the things that sparked my curiosity the previous week. I hope that by sharing what has made me wonder or think ‘WOW” you will be inspired to follow your own curiosity! Think of yourself as Alice and this weekly blog as your very own white rabbit, leading you to wonderland. So grab yourself a drink, get cosy and get ready to be inspired for your week ahead!

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Out and About

Honestly, last week was more sorting-out then out and about! Spending more time in the garden (between downpours) but no days out-out. The furthest I’ve been was Tesco, The Range and Durham, of course!

On Thursday we finally got lots of little jobs done in the garden, repotting and cutting back where necessary. I’ve found that Monty Don’s monthly to-dos are really useful if you’re unsure what to do! We just found out we will likely be staying in our house for another 2 years at least, so it prompted some more permanent changes! I finally planted a few things in the ground and I’m trying to coach my passion fruit plant up and around the decking. We also switched bedrooms around so I can have an office/study space/art studio in the brightest room! It isn’t quite ready yet, with more storage needed, but I’ll share more on Instagram stories as it comes together!

Finally started a ‘bug hotel’ at the bottom of the garden!

As well as a home clear out, I’m attempting a tech clear out! Organising and deleting old files and photos is a long process, so I’m doing it bit by bit! I also use CleanMyMac and have done for over a year now. I love how user friendly it is because honestly, I hate technical stuff! It prompts me to scan without being spammy and shows any threats or ways to clear memory/speed up your device. If you think your device would benefit from a clear-out you can click here to use my referral link which will give you 30% off – that’s just £20.97 for a whole year! There is also a downloadable trial if you like to try before you buy!

At the end of the week I will be leaving the North East for a little getaway! I’ll be sharing more in the next Weekly Wonders post and also on Instagram & Facebook!


The Casketeers

I was gutted to finish the second season of The Casketeers – heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measures. The Tipene family and the rest of the funeral home staff are just the most loveable characters. Although centred around death and funerals the series manages to be really beautiful and uplifting.


Sleeper’s Castle

I’m so close to finishing Sleeper’s Castle now and still really enjoying it. One thing I would say about the book vs the description – it really isn’t much of a romance. So if that isn’t your thing, don’t be put off! I have been reading on the kindle app and just discovered you can create quotes – just highlight the section, click the share button and chose the style you prefer!


Curiosity Creates

Finally! After what seems like an age, I am listing new products in the shop. I’ve learnt a few things about myself recently – one being that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I always thought to be a perfectionist meant to create perfection, right? I guess that is sort of the point though, it is never perfect so you continually tweak and change and hesitate until you realise you’re just wasting time!

I love what I have created with simple constellation designs as well as more detailed wildlife and cute nature things. I love the simple packaging I ordered, keeping it as eco and reusable as possible, while still being pretty! I’m already obsessed with wax stamping! If you want to see how the finished items turned out then keep an eye on @curiositycreates_shop and see if there is something you like! I have also been working on bespoke items and would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have for a gift, wedding favour or personal piece.

Wood slice art with painted bee in an organza bag and wax sealed gift box

Pinterest boards

As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE Pinterest! and in the spirit of sorting-out and rearranging both the house and garden, I’ve been pinning away! If you like colourful prints, boho style and lots of house plants then check out the Dream House board. For beautiful flowers, veggie growing guides and how to care for your local bugs and birds, see the Dream Garden Board. Follow me to keep up to date and I would love to see what you have been pinning!

curiosity frees tiff pinterest

That’s it for now! I hope you found something to spark your curiosity! I’d love to know what you think of the Weekly Wonders series! Let me know whats sparked your curiosity this week and where it has taken you! Head over to Instagram or Facebook and let’s connect! Use the tag #findmycurious on Instagram to show where your curiosity has taken you and inspire others! Have you discovered a new nature walk? Read a book on a hot topic or discovered a fascinating new idea, story or person? The curiosity frees community wants to hear from you!

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