Curiosity Mindset

Curiosity Creates

Oh good, you found me!

Hey there, friend! I’m Tiff!

I’m so pleased your curiosity led you to my little corner of the web. Welcome!

I first started working abroad in 2010 and found a way to live for free and save money to travel!

Perfect, right?

I built a career out of seasonal work but after working my way up the ladder, I fell out of love with the job I once adored and found myself exhausted and uninspired. Curiosity frees was born!

I quit my management position, spent a stress-free summer in Italy and started following my curiosity to build my own online businesses. Now I’m back in the UK, creating my dream life to be able to work and travel on my own terms!

Now I want to help you grow through adulthood with child-like wonder and creativity! Inspiring you to follow your curiosity and be your most authentic self in order to live, work and travel with open eyes and a full heart! It’s time to find your happy and discover everyday magic through storytelling, life-lesson sharing, artwork and ideas to make you think. For anyone that has ever felt uninspired, disconnected or different. Welcome home!

Still curious? Find out more about my story, check out my latest post, or get in touch!

Can’t wait to grow together! x